Next week is Thanksgiving so I thought I would use this opportunity to remind us of the origin of Thanksgiving. This holiday is not only overlooked but has been revised. Do schools today teach that Thanksgiving was to God and not the Indians? Here’s a brief history. On November 29, 1623, three years after theirContinue reading “Thanksgiving”

What is Truth?

Pontius Pilate asked Jesus in John 18:30 “what is truth.” In spiritual things, truth is variously defined. Inclusiveism says just be true to your particular religion and you will be saved. Syncretism says that all religions are essentially the same. They all contain the truth. The Roman Catholic Church believes that the truth resides inContinue reading “What is Truth?”


In his latest book Onward author Russell Moore in the chapter entitled “A Gospel Counter-Revolution” talks about a Gospel counter revolution. He was talking to the late theologian Carl F. H. Henry about the miserable shape of the church. Henry seemed not the least bit unnerved. “He said: Why, you speak as though Christianity wereContinue reading “Onward!”