Our Evangelism Conference

002I would like to encourage all of our church family and their friends to attend our Bible Conference this Saturday and Sunday. When the Session was planning the conference last spring, we spent time praying about a topic we would like to be covered. We decided that our church needed encouragement in the area of evangelism. We will all admit that we could do a better job in sharing our faith. It is something that does not come naturally to most of us.

We then needed to find a speaker that was appropriate to the topic. We invited Dr. Guy Waters, Professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, MS to be our speaker. He enthusiastically accepted our invitation as well as our topic. He will be speaking four times. Two sessions Saturday night as well as Sunday School and morning worship. His text for the entire conference will be Acts Chapters 1 and 2. You may want to read these chapters and meditate upon them in preparation for his preaching.

1011207_313243542191515_5608881705538041233_nMany times after churches hold conferences the lessons learned can be easily forgotten. One sobering fact is that people who do not know Christ eternally perish. But for the grace of God that would be all of us. God showed us His marvelous grace and brought us to Himself. He may have saved you through your meditating upon His word, at a church service or more likely, someone told you about Christ. We all know lost people in our neighborhood, in our schools or at work. We do not want to be obnoxious and shove the Bible down people’s throats nor do we want to be so timid that we are afraid to speak.

In Evangelism Explosion, one of the key phrases was “A divine appointment”. A Biblical example of this would be Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch in Acts chapter 8. God led Philip to the eunuch as he was reading from the book of Isaiah and God used him to bring the eunuch to Christ. So we should pray for God to bring people into our life who are searching for meaning and purpose for their life. If you have ever had the privilege of sharing your faith, it not only strengthens your faith and confirms what you believe, but it also excites you to be an instrument in God’s hands to see a lost person saved.

Let us pray that what we learn will be used of the Holy Spirit to give us a greater desire to share our faith and ask God to do great things through us as a church in our community.

Hope to see you at our conference this weekend.